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Temperature Units Converter is online conversion calculator that allows you to convert units of temperature between various scales. You can easily convert Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees (centigrade scale), Kelvin to Fahreheit, Newton to Fahrenheit etc. You can also translate between popular temperature scales as Celsius vs. Fahrenheit, Kelvin vs. Fahrenheit as well as rare used Rankine, Réaumur, Rømer, Delisle scales. This calculator gives you also fast access and conversion possibility of some typical temperatures e.g. normal human body temperature, lowest temperature on the Earth, etc.

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Temperature Converter
Celsius Scale [oC] (centigrade) Fahrenheit Scale [oF]: Kelvin Scale [K]: Rankine Scale [oR]: Réaumur Scale [oRé]: Rømer Scale [oRø]: Delisle Scale [oD]: Newton Scale [oN]:
Absolute Zero Temperature
The lowest possible temperature. Absolute zero is the point at which molecules do not move.
Absolute Zero Temperature = 0 K = -273.15 centigrade = -459.67 fahrenheit degrees.
Melting point of ice
The melting point of a substance is the temperature at which the substance changes state from solid to liquid. It is equal to freezing point (the temperature at which a substance changes state from liquid to solid).
The melting point of ice (freezing point of water) at the normal pressure 1 atm (101.325 kPa) is 0 centigrade = 32°F
Normal Human Body Temperature
Oral measured healthy human body temperature is 36.8 °C ±0.7 °C, or 98.2 °F ±1.3 °F. In Eastern Europe, the normal human body temperature is commonly quoted as 36.6 centigrade (97.9 °F) based on an armpit reading.
Boiling Point Of Water
The boiling point of a liquid is defined as a temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the environmental pressure surrounding the liquid.
Water boiling temperature at the normal pressure 1 atm (101.325 kPa) is 100°C = 212°F
Titanium Melting Point
Titanium is ideal for use in components which operate at elevated temperatures. Titanium melts at 1668 centigrade ( 3034°F ).
Surface of the Sun Temperature
The Sun has a surface temperature of approximately 5800 K
Lowest recorded temperature on Earth
The lowest natural temperature on Earth was reported July 21, 1983 on Russian Antarctic research station. It was −89.2 centigrade (−128.6 °F)
Highest recorded temperature on Earth
The highest natural temperature on Earth was reported September 13, 1922 by R. Ufficio centrale di meteorologia e geodinamica in El'Azizia Libya. It was 57.7 centigrade (135.9 °F)
Fahrenheit vs. Centigrade (Celsius) Example
If your temperature is given in Fahrenheit degrees and you want to translate it into Celsius degrees (centigrade) type your value into edit box labeled 'Fahrentheit scale'. Convertion will start automatically as you type, translated value in Celsius degrees will be displayed in the edit box labeled 'Celsius scale'. On the other hand, centigrade to Fahrenheit degrees conversion starts when you type value of Celsius degree in the edit box labeled 'Celsius scale'.
Fundamental unit of temperature in the International System Of Units (SI) is Kelvin [K]
To Fahrenheit conversion formulas
Centigrade to Fahrenheit °F = (°C × 1.8) + 32
Kelvin to Fahrenheit °F = (K × 1.8) - 459.67
Rankine to Fahrenheit °F = °R - 459.67
Réaumur to Fahrenheit °F = (°Ré × 2.25)+ 32
Rømer to Fahrenheit °F = (°Rø - 7.5) × 24/7 + 32
Delisle to Fahrenheit °F = 212 − °De × 6/5
Newton to Fahrenheit °F = °N × 60/11 + 32
From Fahrenheit conversion formulas
Fahrenheit to Centigrade °C = (°F − 32) /1.8
Fahrenheit to Kelvin K = (°F + 459.67) × 5/9
Fahrenheit to Rankine °R = °F + 459.67
Fahrenheit to Réaumur °Ré = (°F - 32) × 4/9
Fahrenheit to Rømer °Rø = (°F − 32) × 7/24 + 7.5
Fahrenheit to Delisle °De = (212 − °F) × 5/6
Fahrenheit to Newton °N = (°F − 32) × 11/60
From Celsius conversion formulas
Centigrade to Fahrenheit °F = (°C × 1.8) + 32
Centigrade to Kelvin K = °C + 273.15
Centigrade to Rankine °R = (°C + 273.15) × 1.8
Centigrade to Réaumur °Ré =(°C × 4)/5
Centigrade to Rømer °Rø = °C × 21/40+7.5
Centigrade to Delisle °De = (100 − °C) × 3/2
Centigrade to Newton °N = °C × 33/100
To Celsius conversion formulas
Fahrenheit to Centigrade °C = (°F − 32) /1.8
Kelvin to Centigrade °C = K − 273.15
Rankine to Centigrade °C = (°R ÷ 1.8) – 273.15
Réaumur to Centigrade °C = 1.25 × °Ré
Rømer to Centigrade °C = (°Rø - 7.5) × 40/21
Delisle to Centigrade °C = 100 − °De × 2/3
Newton to Centigrade °C = °N × 100/33

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