Data Capacity Converter Online - tera, giga, mega, kilo bytes and other data storage

Data Storage Capacity Converter is online conversion tool to translate units of data capacity. This is bytes/kilobytes/megabytes/gigabytes and terabyte converer. You can easily convert kilobytes to megabytes, gigabytes to megabytes, terabyte vs gigabyte, kilobytes vs megabytes. You can see how many kilobytes is in a gigabyte, how many bytes makes 1000 terabytes, etc. Additionaly, you can calculate how many standard typescript pages/books/floppy disks can be stored on given capacity (e.g. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Blu-ray, ...)

Accuracy number of significant decimal digits
Byte [B] Kilobyte [KB] Megabyte [MB] Gigabyte [GB] Terabyte [TB]
Other Data Storage:
Page (1800 chars) Sheet (40.000 chars) Book (100 pages) Floppy Disk 1.44 MB Hard Disk (200GB)
CDROM (650MB) CDROM (800MB) CDROM (1.4GB) DVD-5 (4.38GB) DVD-9 (7.92GB) DVD-10 (8.75GB) DVD-18 (15.9GB) HD-DVD (40GB) HD-DVD (60GB) Blu-Ray (25GB) Blu-Ray (200GB)
Typescript Page
For the need of the converter, we assume that average typescript page includes 1800 characters including spaces (circa 30 lines, 60 chars per line)
Hundred Pages Book
For the need of the converter, we assume that average book includes 100 average typescript pages (100x1800 = 180,000 characters)
Average Audio MP3 File
Size of 3:30 minute MP3 file recorded with quality of 128kbps,44kHz is about 3,300KB.
Average DVD MPEG-2 Movie
Size of 2 hour DVD MPEG-2 movie recorded with quality 720x576, Dolby Digital is about 4.21 GB.
Average HDTV Movie
HD (High Definition) technology needs many more storage then standard DVD. For the need of the converter we assume that 2 hour HD movie recorded with 60Mbit per second speed is about 43GB.
Different CD-ROM disks can hold 650MB up to 1400MB. Standard 120mm disk can hold about 800MB of data.
Average DVD
Capacity of Digital Video Disc (or Digital Versatile Disc) can vary from 4.5GB to 16GB depending on the standard. For the need of our converter, 8.5GB DVD has been choosen.
HD DVD (High Definition DVD) invented by Toshiba can hold up to 60GB of data.
Blu-Ray Disk

4 layer Blu-ray disk can hold 100GB of data (circa 25GB per layer).
How many kilobytes in a giga (Example 1)
If you want to know how many kilobytes is in one gigabyte, simply type 1 into edit box labeled 'gigabyte' and the converter will show you the result in the edit box labeled 'kilobyte' (in this case: 1,048,576 KB). Additionaly, you can get the answer how many kilobytes is in one megebyte, terabyte or how many KB can be stored on CD-ROM, DVD, ...
How many books can be stored on 1000 terabyte data storage (Example 2)
To get information how many average books (100 pages, 1800 characters on each page) can be stored on 1000 terabyte data storage, type 1000 into the box labeled 'terabyte'. The result will be shown in edit box labeled 'books' (in this case: 6.108398e+9 = 6,108,398,000 - more than 6 billion books). Additionaly you can see that 1000TB can hold 5120 hard disks (200GB each) or 40960 Blu-ray discs (25GB each) and so on.
Data Capacity - Prefixes
Binary prefixes, used commonly in computing and data capacity description, are based on power of two.
PrefixSymbolBase 2Value
kiloK2101 024
megaM2201 048 576
gigaG230 1 073 741 824
teraT2401 099 511 627 776
Bigger than a terabyte is petabyte. Petabyte is equal 1024 terabytes
petaP2501 125 899 906 842 624