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Vancouver Ski Jumping Hills

There are two ski jumping hills in the Vancouver’s Whistler Olympic Park – Large Hill (LH HS140/K125) and Normal Hill (NH HS106/K95). Technical data and the hill records (given in meters and feet) are available in the tables below.

Whistler Olympic Large Hill HS140 (K125)
Hill Record 149.0m (488.85ft)
Gregor Schlierenzauer 2009-01-25
Hill Size 140m (459.32ft)
K-point 125m (410.1ft)
Takeoff gradient 11.25°
Landing gradient 35.0°
Construction year 2007
Spectator capacity 10,000
Whistler Olympic Normal Hill HS106 (K95)
Hill Record 105.0m (344.49ft)
Guido Landert 2008-02-28
Hill Size 106m (347.77ft)
K-point 95m (311.68ft)
Takeoff gradient 11.0°
Landing gradient 34.0°
Construction year 2007
Spectator capacity 10,000


HillSize (HS) – distance between take-off and landing field where the gradient is equal to 32.5° (see: L-point on the image below)

K-point (calculation line or calculation point) – Skiers are awarded 60 points if they land on the K Line. Skiers not landing on the K Line receive or lose points for every metre (3 ft) they miss the mark by, depending on if they surpass it or fall short, respectively. The value of a meter is determined from the size of the hill.
How K-point and HillSize are calculated, see the image below
(source: Whistler 140 Profile)


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