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Metric Units Imperial Units
milliliter [ml] ounce [fl oz]
centiliter [cl] pint [pt]
deciliter [dl] quart [qt]
liter [l] gallon [gal]
cubic meter [m3] bushel [bu]
Used in Cooking US Units
teaspoon (5ml) ounce
tablespoon (15ml) wet pint
cup (250ml) dry pint
UK, Europe cup (250ml) wet quart
US cup (240ml) dry quart
Japan cup (200ml) wet gallon
tablespoon dry gallon
tablespoon (Australia) bushel
teaspoon oil barrel [bbl]
Pint vs. Quart Example
If you want to know 'how many pints are in one quart', simply type '1' in 'quart' edit box and edit box labeled 'pint' will show you the answer. On the other hand, if you type '1' in the edit box labeled 'pint' edit box labeled 'quart' will show you 'how many quarts make one pint'.
How many quarts in a liter example
Type 1 in edit box labeled 'liter [l]', edit boxes labeled 'quart' will show you that there are 0.87988 imperial quarts or 1.05669 US wet quarts or 0.90808 US dry quarts in one liter.

Fundamental unit of capacity and volume in the International System Of Units (SI) is:cubic meter [m3].
UnitIn liters
milliliter [ml]0.001
centiliter [cl]0.01
deciliter [dl]0.1
liter [l]1
cubic meter [m3]1000
UK units
ounce [fl oz]0.0284130625
pint [pt]0.56826125
quart [qt]1.1365225
gallon [gal]4.54609
bushel [bu]36.36872
Used In Kitchen
teaspoon (5ml)0.005
tablespoon (15ml)0.015
UK,Europe cup (250ml)0.25
US cup (240ml)0.24
Japanese cup (200ml)0.2
Australian tablespoon (20ml)0.02
US units
wet pint0.473176473
dry pint0.55061
wet quart0.946352946
dry quart1.101220
wet gallon3.785411784
dry gallon4.40488377086
oil barrel [bbl]158.987294928

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