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Metric Units Imperial and US Units
millimeter2 [mm2] square inch [in2]
centimeter2 [cm2] square foot [ft2]
decimeter2 [dm2] square yard [yd2]
meter2 [m2] square mile [mi2]
kilometer2 [km2] acre (intl)
are [a] acre (US)
hectare [ha]
Square Foot Conversion Example
If your area is given in square meters and you want to know square footage of it, you should type quantity of square meters in the edit box labeled 'meter2'. You will get square footage of the area in the edit box labeled 'square foot'. On the other hand, if you want to know how many square meters/centimeters/inches/yards are in an 1 square foot area, type '1' in the edit box labeled 'square foot' and your answer will appear in the appriopriate box.

Fundamental unit of area in the International System Of Units (SI) is:
square meter [m2].
Unitin square meters
Metric Unit System
square milimeter [mm2]0.000001
square centimeter [cm2]0.0001
square decimeter [dm2]0.01
square meter [m2]1
square kilometer [km2]1000000
are [ar]100
hectare [ha]10000
Imperial and US Unit System
square inch [in2]0.00064513460025
square foot [ft2]0.09290304
square yard [jard2]0.83612736
square mile [mi2]2589886.1433037824
international acre4046.8564224
US acre4046.87261


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