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Metric System Imperial
milimeter [mm] inch [in]
meter [m] foot [ft]

Didot System

Pica System
point [p,dd] point [pt]
cicero [cc] pica [pc,pi]
canon canon

PostScript (current DTP)
point [pt,bp]
pica [pi,pc]
Didot System - used in Europe except UK
1 point = 1p = 1/2660 m = 0.37594 mm
1 cicero (pica) = 1cc = 12 p = 12/2660 m = 4.511278 mm

Pica System - UK and USA
1 point = 1pt = 996/350 mm = 0.3514 mm
1 pica = 1pc = 12 pt = 4.216867 mm

PostScript - current DTP point system used e.g in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
1 point = 1pt = 1/72in (cala) = 0.3528 mm
1 pica = 1pc = 12pt= 1/6in (cala) = 4.233(3) mm

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