The page deals with the Group Stage of 2010 FIFA World Cup which is already completed.
The below table shows posible results of both matches in group C (Slovenia vs. England, USA vs. Algeria) of the last phase of the group stage of 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Each square represents different scores of both matches in group C of the last phase of the 2010 FIFA World Cup group stage. Algeria vs. USA and Slovenia vs. England) Colors indicate qualified teams depending on results. Winners and runners-up are not distinguished. Table assumes, no more then 4 goals will be scored by one team.
   - drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee
USA chances to qualify (white and blue squares) as you can see if USA team wins against Algeria, it will be qualified for the next round. If they draw with Algeria, England can't win or even, in some cases, draw with Slovenia, so the draw could be dangerous. There are 3 interesting results indicated by black diamonds. These diamonds mean that drawing of lots will be needed to find the runner-up. In this case both teams have same number of points (3), same number of goals (3,4 or 5 depending on the result) and same number of goals scored in match between USA and England.

England chances to qualify (blue, black and gray squares) - if they win, they will be qualified to the next round. In some cases (black squares and diamonds in the middle) the draw will qualify English team. In 3 cases drawing of lots will be needed.

Slovenia - (white, red and black squares) The draw match or, of course, winning one qualify Slovenia to the round of 16. In some cases, even if they loose, they will be qualified (black squares on the right side)

Algeria - (red and gray squares) They have to win to be qualified but if the England team wins and scores only one more goal then Slovenia does, Algieria have to scores two or more goals then USA to be qualified.

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