The page deals with the Group Stage of 2010 FIFA World Cup which is already completed.
The below table shows posible results of both matches in group F (Italy, Slovakia, Paraguay, New Zealand ) of the last phase of the group stage of 2010 FIFA World Cup (MUNDIAL 2010).

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Each square represents different scores of both matches in group D of the last phase of the 2010 FIFA World Cup group stage. Slovakia - Italy, Paraguay - New Zealand) Colors indicate qualified teams depending on results. Winners and runners-up are not distinguished. Table assumes, no more then 4 goals will be scored by one team.
   - drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee
Italy's chances of advancing - (white and blue squares) to be sure to be qualified to the next round Italy have to win their match. If the match will be drawn, five possible scenarios.
  • Scenario one: New Zealand win - Italy are out of the next stage. (black squares bottom).
  • Second scenario: Paraguay win - Italy are in.
  • Third scenario: New Zealand draw to Paraguay and they score more goals then Italy (black in the middle) - Italy are out
  • Fourth scenario: New Zealand draw to Paraguay but Italy score more goals in their match (white squares below the black in the middle) - Italy are in.
  • Fifth scenario (the most complicated) - New Zealand draw to Paraguay, Italy draw to Slovakia and all four teams scores the same number of goals (e.g. 1:1,2:2,3:3,4:4,...). This situation is indicated by the black diamonds which means Italy and New Zealand have same number of points (3), same number of goals for and against (2:2,3:3,4:4,... depending on the result) and the match between New Zealand was drawn (1:1) - due to FIFA terms, drawing of lots will be needed to determine runners-up
Paraguay (red, white, black squares) - if they win or draw, they will be qualified to the round of 16 unconditionaly. If they lose, they have to hope that Slovakia will win against Italy and the difference of the goals between Slovakia and Italy will not be huge (depending on Paraguay New Zealand result)

Chances for Slovakia - (red and gray squares) - they need to win and Paraguay must not lose. If New Zealand win, Slovakia have still chance to qualify (gray) but they have to score many more goals then Italy (depending on the result in the other match)

New Zealand (gray,black and blue squares) - if they win, they are in the round of 16. If they lose, they are out. If the match is drawn, they have still chances to qualify (black in the middle) - see: Italy's scenarios for more description.

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