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The largest lake in central america

The largest lake in central america is Lake Nicaragua called also Lago Cocibolca, Lago de Nicaragua, Mar Dulce, Gran Lago, Lago de Granada, Gran Lago Dulce, Cocibolca,  Granada. The area of lake Nicaragua is  8,264 km2 / 3,191 sqare miles (click on the link to get area converter). Lake Nicaragua is located in southwestern Nicaragua. It drains via the San Juan River into the Caribbean Sea. LN is almost same size as Lake Titicaca which is located on border of Peru and Bolivia (the largest lake in South America). Titicaca surface area is 8,372 km2 / 3,232 square miles. Titicaca Lake is also highest set lake in the world. It sits 3,812 m (12,500 ft) above sea level

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