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Back In Business

Monday, July 18th, 2011

After a while (hmm,  … a while? :) ) of doing nothing on, I,m back with the site updates. I cleaned up the mail box and installed spam box filters. Over 11,500 messages are recognized as spam.  Unfortunately, some valuable mails and comments could be removed, so I lost possibility to answer them – sorry, but the good news is … thanks to new spam filters I will be able to find important mails and comments and answer or approve them immediately (I hope so).

Another good news is that I work on new part of the unitarium site. The new part deals with ‘world time‘. I want to make a world time clock that shows current local time over the world. So far, a part of the project is available. It shows sunrise, sunsets, length of the daytime and other infos (including local time) in over 300,000 cities in all countries. Very early version of the site is available here: Sunrise, Sunset And Length of Daytime. For example, you can easily check  today’s sunrise time in Chicago, tomorrow’s length of the day in New York, or even little towns e.g. sunrise in Parlin, NJ, sunset in Angels Camp, CA today. Of course, you can check locations outside of US, even on the other side of the world e.g. sunrise in Beijing, China today, day length in Hawaii, sunset time in Rio de Janeiro today.

Have fun, I’m going back to work, see you soon.