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Who win? Spain-Chile, Honduras-Switzerland


This is a humorous post before last matches but if you are interested in real visual analysis of chances for Chile, Spain, Switzerland and Honduras to go out of the group stage of 2010 FIFA World Cup, follow this link: Group H, Spain-Chile, Switzerland-Honduras analisys of chances to qualify

Take a look at the image on the left. It is a visualisation of chances to qualify to the round of 16 out of group H. It resembles a dog, doesn’t it?

Is this an omen for Spain, Chile, Honduras or Switzerland? 😉 Good or bad? Who will win?

Do any of today playing countries have a dog in their national emblems or any other signs?

Is this Swiss Mountain Dog, maybe? :) And if so, is this good or bad omen for Switzerland? Will Switzerland win their match and mayby Honduras, Chile or  Spain will qualify? We will see in a few hours. Anyway, good luck for them all.

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