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France’s chances to go out the group

I recently made, interesting I hope, visualisation of the situation in FIFA 2010 World Cup’s  Group A before last phase of the group stage. Does France has chance to be qualified and go out the group stage? Does South Africa has any chance of advancing? Let’s see:


The drawing above comes from: Group A. Who will be qualified?

Each square of the drawing represents different result of the both last matches in group A (Uruguay vs. Mexico and France vs. South Africa). Colors tell us who will be qualified to the next round. White – Uruguay and Mexico, Black – Uruguay and France, red – Uruguay and South Africa, blue France and Mexico, yellow – Mexico and S.Africa. As you can see, there is a lot of white squares (that means Uruguay and Mexico will be qualified), blue and black (France will be qualified) squares are on the left. Theoreticaly, they ‘starts’ at 1:0 for France but in the last row (that means Uruguay have to win 4:0 for France to go out the qroup)

There’s no blue and black squares on the right. It means France have to win their last match and … hope for good Uruguay – Mexico result. No tied score in the other match will promote France to the next round (middle rows are white, every tied match promotes Uruguay and Mexico). The only chance for France is to make huge win to South Africa and hope for big luck (no tied and, the best for them – big difference of goals in Uruguay vs. Mexico match – no matter who wins)

I personaly think France will not be qualified and they do not go out the group stage of 2010 World Cup, but … we will see tomorow. When does France vs. South Africa match starts? The match will be played June 22,2010 at 16:00 (South Africa Time Zone UTC+2) in Bloemfontein.

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