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First To Celebrate New Year

2010 is comming. Because the World is divided into time zones, the new year moves progressively around the globe as the start of the day ushers in the New Year. The first country to celebrate New Year is Line Islands (Kiribati, Caroline Island) (time zone UTC+14), the last one are Baker Island, Howland Island (UTC-12).

Here is online tool : What Time is New Year celebrated around the World  that shows to you all time zones and answers the question ‘What Time does particular country or region Celebrate New Year’. If you click on the row in the table, to indicate your time zone,, the tool will show you the time (in your local time) when New Year comes to countries around the World.

As you can see, first country to celebrate New Year 2010 is Line Islands (UTC+14). The people of Line Islands will celebrate New Year, of course, at 0:00 01.01.2010 of their time but at 10:00 am London (UTC+0) time, 20:00 (8:00pm) Melbourne And Sydney time, 5:00am NYC, Toronto, Washington time, 2:00 am  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Tijuana time, etc.

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