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World Time

As you can read in the previous post I work on new part of the site. New subdomain deals with everything that is related to world time and timezones.  The main idea is to made a portal where you can find current local time, sunrise, sunset  time, length of the day and other information related to rotation of the Earth in any place around the world.

At the moment you can  use only a part of the new subdomain, where you can find sunrise, sunset and sun transit time in over 200,000 places around the world. For example, you can find out when the sun comes up in San Francisco or when the sun goes down in Denver, CO, sunrise in Barcelona, Spain. You can also find out sunrise and sunset, day length info for small towns in the US, e.g. day length in Key Largo, FL, today’s sunrise in Princeton, NJ or around the world e.g. sunset in Lloret de Mar, Spain, sunrise in Goa.

I hope that new features and information will be available soon.


One Response to “World Time”

  1. The speed of the Earth in its orbit will be greatest when it is closest, thus in January the changes in sunrise and sunset times may be affected more than expected. Its speed will be slowest in July and times may not change as much.