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Berlin 2009 200 m men’s final

When and what time does 200 m final men’s in Berlin 2009
The final 200 m men’s race is scheduled for Thursday, 20 August 2009 20:35 (Berlin local time – CEST) [11:35 AM PDT, 2:35 PM EDT]

Usain Bolt’s amazing 100m world record shows that he is the fastest man in the world ever. Is he able to break the 200 m world record? Let’s try to predict Bolt’s time in 200m final race in Berlin 2009.

Bolt’s speed and time prediction during the final 200 m race in Berlin 2009
Usain’s Bolt average speed in the winning 100m men’s race was: 100m/9.58s = 10.43841 m/s (23.3501mph). So, if he can run 200 meters with this speed, he can get the time 200m/10.43841m/s = 19.16s !!! (his current world record is 19.30s) but, as we look at previous world records (see table below), average speed on 200m distance is faster then during 100m race, so we can expect even better result.

Beijing 2008
100m 9.69s 10.3199m/s v200/v100=1.00415 Usain Bolt 16 Aug 2008
200m 19.30s 10.3627m/s Usain Bolt 20 Aug 2008
100m 9.72s 10.2881m/s v200/v100=1.006211 Usain Bolt 31 May 2008 New York
200m 19.32s 10.3520m/s Michael Johnson 1 Aug 1996 Atlanta

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As we can see, 200m distance speed is about 0.4-0.6% faster then on 100m distance. So, expected Bolt’s speed could vary beetween 10.43 m/s and 10.50 m/s. It gives us amazing times between 19.175s and 19.048s. I, personaly, think that Usain Bolt is able to run 200 m in Berlin in about 19.15s

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7 Responses to “Berlin 2009 200 m men’s final”

  1. sprinter says:

    Bolt is amazing sprinter and, as we have seen, everything is possible, even 19.04 – 19.05 :). I’m sure he will break the 200m record on thursday but his time will be more likely, let’s say … 19.14-19.21

  2. Karol says:

    sprinter, nice spread by you:) I believe something about 19.20 will be achieved. Be built strengh for 100m and he focused on it more, but we’ll see, maybe I’m wrong…

  3. darklord says:

    i hope ramin (from azerbaijan) win today

  4. mohebur says:

    i believe one day bolt will break the 19s barrier in 200m race. we are just waiting until then.

  5. bakuu says:

    yes ramid from a-jan is very fast

  6. chinsue says:

    Bolt wiil break his record in 19 25

  7. kay says:

    only God knows what sort of strength the guy has. it shows a time will come man will run faster than horse.